Multi-room AV

We work with products which provide centrally located music and TV/HD sources that can be distributed throughout the home, with local inputs available in each room and connections to multiple devices. Audio is delivered though discreet speakers located in ceilings or walls, being controlled by either discreet wall panels or wireless remote controls. Video content can also be located on a central server and streamed to screens all over the house, giving access to your DVD library around your property.

Integrated Home Control

Control systems can take control of every facet of your smart home technology, not only hi-tech audio visual systems, but also lighting, electronically operated blinds and curtains, heating & ventilation and security cameras. A simple push of a button can lower the screen and projector, switch on the projector and any other support equipment, lower the blinds, dim the lights and start the Blue Ray playing.

Home Cinema

Using either projectors, LCD, LED or plasma screens we can create a home theatre environment to suit a whole range of budgets. Surround sound systems can be added for the full experience as well as furnishings.

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